Our Fleet
Vancouver Towing

Our fleet of trucks at Vancouver Towing Service, Inc. are massive. We can come to your rescue for any situation. We have the manpower and equipment to help you out of any bind. We are ready and waiting to serve our community — so call us today!

Our service vehicles will come to your rescue when you are stranded with an empty gas tank or a flat tire. They look like normal work vans but they are filled with supplies to perform emergency roadside assistance. No need to wait long or stress out, we will help you. We are in the business of getting people back on the road.

Our other type of truck is a Class A Light Duty Tow Truck. This vehicle can tow smaller vehicles and trucks. We can send this tow truck out to your location in no time flat. 

Flatbed Tow Trucks tow larger trucks and RVs. When you break down in your RV during your vacation, it is no fun at all. Our experienced drivers will come out to you and tow you to a local shop at a minimal cost. After all, don’t you want to spend your money on towing your recreational vehicle, you want to spend it on your vacation. Our low costs make that happen.

Another vehicle we have helps us with medium-duty tows. It can take care of small or medium RVs when you need a lift. 

We have a Class C Heavy Duty Tow Truck to use with larger vehicles. This truck can tow and winch large commercial trucks or buses. Vancouver Towing Company, Inc. can be there to assist in no time at all.

Our friendly drivers are always willing to lend a hand. We have the vehicles necessary to get you out of any jam. Call us today and we will be there as soon as possible. 

Our company’s motto is to get out to you quickly and get the job done right the first time. Our techs have been in the towing business for many years and they know this field better than most. We ensure that we have bearable prices for a tow service. We are always an unexpected expense so we always make sure that we are affordable. All of these things plus our customer service shows why we are the best in Vancouver. We are called time and time again by repeat customers. And it’s the best feeling in the world. 

If you need a tow truck service, call us! We will dispatch an experienced and knowledgeable driver out to your location as soon as possible. We request that you inform us at the time of the call of any specifics about your location or situation so that we may be prepared. Our priority is our customers!

So what are you waiting for? At Vancouver Towing Company, Inc. we have the equipment and fleet to help you. We are unlike any towing service because our trucks are ready for anything.  Call us today!